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CAHs are rural community hospitals that receive cost-based reimbursement. To be designated a CAH, a rural hospital must meet defined criteria that were outlined in the Conditions of Participation 42CFR485 and subsequent legislative refinements to the program through the BBRA, BIPA, the Medicare Modernization Act, the MIPPA, and the PPACA.

Now. Most cost reports are due 5 months after the end of your fiscal year. Overdue reports lead to withholding of payments, and we need to begin collecting and analyzing data now to ensure the maximum refund for your hospital.

Working with a specialist means that you’re benefiting from decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Even though your team could complete the cost reports, you’re risking leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Also, there are huge inefficiencies in tying up key personnel for months on end while working on the cost reports.

The Benefits


Accurate Medicare Cost Reports allow you to maximize returns and minimize payments.


Outsourcing cost reports to the specialist lets you spend your time doing what you do best.


Optimum resource allocation will lead to improved results and more efficient performance.


Improve staff performance and achieve better results in the future with proper team training.

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