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You can rely on our decades of experience preparing to obtain the maximum reimbursement for your critical access hospital.

Keith Williams Medicare Cost Reports

Maximize Reimbursements

Accurate Medicare Cost Reports allow you to maximize returns and minimize payments. In order to maximize reimbursements, we will ensure that all diagnoses are coded in such a way to provide the maximum reimbursement. We will also assess your operations to determine whether key patient care benefits are going underutilized, which ultimately impacts your opportunity for reimbursement.

Medicare Outsourcing Cost Reports

Streamline Operations

Outsourcing cost reports to the specialist lets you spend your time doing what you do best. Not only will we audit your cost reports, we will also put in place key practices and procedures that will make it easy for your team to execute proper preparation of the Cost Reports in future years. This will free up your team’s time to work on overall operations of your health care system.

Medicare Cost Reports

Optimize Resources

Optimum resource allocation will lead to improved results and more efficient performance. In our quest to minimize payments and maximize reimbursements, we will uncover key performance issues and patient care opportunities that can be improved upon. By restructuring your operations to maximize reimbursements, you can expect to see an improved use of resources and better results.

Keith Williams and Associates

Enhance Performance

Improve staff performance and achieve better results with proper training for your team. As we put proper procedures into place to better capture opportunities for Medicare reimbursements, we will set up a system that makes it simple for your team to execute. Coupled with the right training, this system will allow your critical access hospital to maximize reimbursements year after year.



We bring three decades of direct experience in the industry of medicare cost reports.


We are able to handle a wide range of specific solutions for a multitude of challenges.


We are abreast of changes and opportunities that maximize medicare reimbursements.

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